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Save $ on your electricity bills and support local clean energy

What is Community Solar?

A Community Solar farm is a large, solar power plant, whose electricity is shared with the local community. Subscribers earn credits on their electricity bill each month for their portion of the solar power that is generated, reducing their overall bill. 

Essentially, subscribing to a Community Solar farm enables you to reap the benefits of solar energy, without needing to purchase and install panels on your home.

  • Step one

    Sign up and receive a share of the nearest solar farm

  • Step two

    The clean energy produced at the solar farm feeds into the local electricity grid

  • Step three

    Your utility company applies clean energy credits to your account, reducing your monthly utility bill

Step 4

Enjoy clean energy savings while powering your local community to a sustainable future


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Annual kWh estimate is based on your average monthly bill amount, using 2022 U.S. data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). All Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies are based on the electricity use avoided through supporting renewable energy and the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. Savings based on a 10% discount. Exact discounts and savings may vary.

Join the Energy Revolution


Reduce your carbon footprint and support the global fight against climate change.


Power the local economy and help create jobs.

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No installation or maintenance required on your property.


No cost to sign up or any hidden fees, with the freedom to cancel at anytime.

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Sign up today and join our community of over 5,000 Community Solar subscribers enjoying clean energy savings and powering change within their local community!

I'm a fan of solar energy and saving money, but I was skeptical at first. I had some questions so I called them directly. I quickly learned it was a legitimate business with proven data. The customer service team was very informative, answered all my questions, and put me and the other neighbors that signed up at ease. Since signing up my solar credits and savings have been accruing monthly. I have been very happy with the service and savings and will be a customer for a long time.

Michael K. - Community Solar Subscriber, New York
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Community solar gives you all the benefits of solar energy without the hassle of installing rooftop solar. When enrolling in community solar, you are guaranteed to save money with no up-front costs or hidden fees!

You are also supporting your local economy by helping to create local jobs and tax revenue.

How does billing work?

You will continue to receive a bill from your current utility provider. Your community solar credits generated by the solar farm will be applied directly on your utility bill. In most areas, we will send you a separate bill for the solar credits you received at a discounted rate. In some areas, your utility provider will credit your solar savings to your utility bill and remit payment directly to us so you will not need to pay us separately. We offer autopay options to all customers so you will never have to waste time paying an extra bill, saving is that simple!

How does it lower my energy costs?

Your share of the solar farm earns you solar credits as the farm generates power. For example, let’s say your portion of the farm generates $100 worth of electricity. If your discount rate is 10%, you would pay us $90 and for the $100 solar credit received, reducing your overall cost by 10%, all while supporting renewable energy.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Eligibility is largely determined by your location and your utility provider. Renters, owners, small business, municipalities, etc., are all eligible to participate in a community solar!

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How do I enroll?

Once we confirm your eligibility, we will analyze your home's usage, determine your subscription rate and sign you up. Easy as that!

What if I move or need to cancel?

Often times, your solar subscription can move with you, we want you to continue to save money in your new home!

If for any reason we can't move your subscription to your new home, we ask that you refer a potential customer to take over your savings from the solar farm.

An early termination fee may apply in some markets.

Does this mean I no longer receive power from my local utility or do I need to switch my energy supplier?

No, you will not be switching utility companies. By signing up for community solar, you will receive the community solar benefits directly on your current utility bill.

How is my subscription size determined and what if my usage changes?

Our Community Solar Specialists analyze your annual electricity usage and use this to determine the appropriate subscription rate. We understand your electricity needs may change and can adjust your subscription to maximize your savings at any time.

How does seasonality affect solar and the credits I receive?

The sun plays a big role in your savings!

In the summer, when the solar farm produces the most you will receive more solar savings. As we move into the winter months the solar farm will start to produce less. Meaning any extra community solar credits received in the summer, will be saved to use in the winter. Think of this as pre-paying for your electricity (at a discounted rate) in the summer to use in the winter.

How much does it cost to sign up?

No cost to sign up, this is purely a savings program!