PureSky Energy Announces the Operational Launch of DeKalb I and DeKalb II Solar Farms in DeKalb Junction, NY

DeKalb Junction, NY – January 12, 2023 – PureSky Energy, a leader in sustainable energy solutions, is excited to share the operational launch and successful witness tests of not just one, but two solar farm projects in Dekalb Junction, NY to kick start the new year. These projects reflect our dedication to renewable energy and environmental stewardship. 

ASA DeKalb NY Solar II 

  • Operational Date: December 11, 2023 
  • Location: DeKalb Junction, NY 
  • Size: 3,864 kW DC 
  • Solar Panels: 10,036 high-efficiency units 
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 4,702,488 kWh 
  • Homes Powered Annually: 649 
  • Annual Co2 Reduction: 7,347,060 lbs (Equivalent to removing 741 cars off the road) 
  • Estimated 30-Year Customer Savings: $1,692,259 

ASA DeKalb NY Solar I 

  • Operational Date: December 19, 2023 
  • Location: DeKalb Junction, NY 
  • Size: 6,026 kW DC
  • Solar Panels: 15,652 high-efficiency units 
  • Estimated Annual Generation: 7,237,266 kWh 
  • Homes Powered Annually: 999 
  • Annual Co2 Reduction: 11,307,278 lbs (Equivalent to removing 1,140 cars off the road) 
  • Estimated 30-Year Customer Savings: $2,606,301 

Charlie Smith, landowner where the solar farm is located, and local beekeeper, said, “Hosting a solar farm on our land has brought environmental benefits to our community and the surrounding ecosystem. Not only does it support sustainable energy, but it also harmoniously coexists with our beef grazing practices, creating a balance between energy production and agriculture.” His wife, Cheryl Smith added, “The presence of the solar panels has not hindered the natural flora, which continues to thrive and provides a haven for our bees. These bees are crucial for pollination and maintaining biodiversity in our area. It is a win-win situation when we harness the sun’s power while still nurturing the land and its inhabitants.”

The DeKalb Solar Farms are illustrative of economic and environmental progress through deployment of renewable energy, emphasizing PureSky Energy’s contribution towards a sustainable future. These facilities are not only a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability but also a significant step in the community’s well-being. 

For more information about the DeKalb Solar Farms or PureSky Energy’s initiatives, please visit our website: [ASA DeKalb NY]

About PureSky Energy: 
PureSky Energy is a leading developer, owner, and operator of US community solar, C&I and storage projects with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Since entering the US market in 2016, the company has rapidly expanded its scale and currently operates a portfolio with generation capacity of approximately 200 MWDC across 39 operating or under-construction projects expected to be completed in the short term. The company has a large pipeline of solar and battery storage projects across existing and new US markets, placing the platform in a primary position within the distributed generation market. The company’s mission is to make clean energy accessible and affordable to local communities across the United States, while shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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