4 for the 4th: Celebrating Sustainability on the 4th of July

July is the peak of summer and the month we celebrate our Independence. We often use this day for pool time, boating, or having a backyard BBQ. It’s also a time to spend with our loved ones and take a moment to relax while soaking in the summer sun.  

 In 2023, American’s spent $13.5 billion on food and beverages and on average spent about $2.3 billion on fireworks. While this holiday is important in our nation’s history, it comes with a lot of waste and pollution. The celebrations shouldn’t stop, but we wanted to find some ways to celebrate in sustainable ways that benefit you and our planet!   


4 Recommendations for the 4th: 

1. Reusable Water Balloons

Water balloon fights encourage playtime outside and provide entertainment for kids (and let's be honest- adults too) until they run out. Clean-up isn't easy and there never seems to be enough. One way to keep the fun going for longer and reduce cleanup is reusable water balloons. They work by magnetizing together to hold the water in but break open on impact just like a plastic water balloon. 

Reuseable water balloons are more expensive than the traditional plastic ones, but last longer and can be used repeatedly whereas plastic balloons can only be used once. You can find these at most stores or you can order online. 

Link: Reuseable Water Balloons

2. Aluminum Cups

Anyone who's hosted a party understands that dishes stack up quickly and cleanup takes a while. Because of this, many of us can be found reaching for disposable cups to avoid more time spent with the dishwasher. Aluminum is one of the few materials that is forever recyclable, making is a great alternative to plastic or paper cups!

A pack of 10 cups costs around $5.29 and can be found at most stores. Below is a link to check them out! 

Link: Ball Aluminum Cups 

3. BYOC: Bring Your Own Container 

Hot dogs, hamburgers, and salads- oh my! BBQs and potlucks are a major part of our yearly celebration. The sun is out, the weather is nice, and people love to hang by the grill to catch up (or get first dibs). If you're lucky, leftovers are plentiful and enough for guests to take home. Instead of purchasing extra plastic bags or plastic containers, consider inviting your guests to bring their own containers to take leftovers home. This can save money and the stress of getting back your favorite Tupperware. Glass jars from sauces or pickles make great containers as well if someone forgot to bring their own and provides another way to reuse jars. 

4. Fireworks

Fireworks are a major component to 4th of July Celebrations. Many enjoy the beautiful display of lights gleaming across the sky or the rush of adrenaline from lighting your own. Some towns have banned fireworks outside of scheduled city shows due to increased fire hazards while others have voiced concerns about the stress it causes themselves or animals. Fireworks are estimated to release 60,000 metric tons of CO2 every year. They can also contaminate bodies of water and pollute the air. 

Instead of lighting your own, attend your city's firework show! This way you can still enjoy fireworks and help reduce pollution. For additional entertainment, we suggest hosting a game night. Everyone can bring their favorite games which can save money and give you an opportunity to try new ones! If you're interested in going out, consider a carnival or concert to end your evening.

Helpful tip: Planning to light fireworks for your celebration? We suggest having a bucket of water on hand. Used fireworks can be placed in the bucket which will help ensure they are completely extinguished and can help with ease of cleanup! 


Here at PureSky, we are wishing you and your family a safe and fun holiday! As we prepare for the celebration, let's remember that every small change we make can lead to a significant impact on our planet. By opting for sustainable swaps, we can honor our nation's independence and our commitment to preserving our beautiful Earth. So, this Independence Day, let's celebrate with pride, joy, and a touch of green. Here's to a more sustainable future, one swap at a time. Happy 4th of July!